Monday, 29 May, 2017
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SANGS has displayed large a number of layouts since starting in 1983. Originally SANGS displayed modules at exhibitions. NTrak is a collection of standard sized modules, connected together at exhibition times.  

Some of these modules were owned by privately by club members whilst others were owned by SANGS. Since then, SANGS has built many layouts. Most layouts that have been built have adopted a modified modular design but some layouts have been semi permanent.

SANGS also has 3 exhibition layouts. They are Generica, Portland, and Greater Portland. 

These layouts have featured at  exhibitions over the years. Our most recent layout is called 'Greater Portland which is a triangular layout that incorporates the tall city skyscrapers of Generica and the naval port and shipyards of Portland. 

SANGS also displays T-TRAK modules at various model railroading exhibitions though out the year. 

A feature of our layouts is that members from the public can get close to the action as we don't use barriers around layouts. 

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